Troubleshooting Why Your GE Burners Aren’t Turning Off

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GE stoves offer precision heat and consistent cooking for your stovetop so you can prepare the best possible meals. However, there may come a day when you turn off your stove top and it doesn’t actually turn off. The burners remain hot and it is just wasting energy. Of course, you have to cut the power to your GE stove and find out what is wrong. When this problem manifests, there are generally two potential causes.

Fault Element Switch

When you turn the knob on your stove top, it is the element switch’s job to send voltage to the stove element and shut it off when finished. Unfortunately, if this malfunctions, the switch will not cut off voltage. If this happens, you will probably notice the coil getting way too hot or even too cold.

Most often, as this switch ages, the electrical contacts can wear out and this makes the heat more difficult to control until they fuse completely and stay on. The good news is this part is pretty easy to replace. Unfortunately, the only way to test it is to actually replace the switch.

Damaged Element

If your control switches have checked out, then a burner that won’t turn off has to be the result of a damaged element. Over time, the element can short circuit, which will prevent the control switch from stopping the voltage. This is common if you were less than diligent with cleaning the actual coils. A multimeter test can confirm if it is indeed the element that is the faulty part.

As you can test this part with a multimeter and do not need to fully replace it to determine the problem, it may be better to do this test first. However, it is usually more common for the control switch to fail rather than the coil itself.


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