How to Repair a Noisy Dishwasher

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Is your dishwasher making noises you’ve never heard before?

How long has that workhorse been sitting in your kitchen faithfully cleaning your dishes? Years, perhaps? So long, that you’ve long since taken it for granted that it will always be there when you need it. But lately, your dishwasher has been showing its age. A burp here, a gurgle there and pretty soon the ol’ beast isn’t getting your dishes as clean as it once did. The following will show some of the more common reasons your kitchen assistant is sounding off.
Remember: Before working on any electrical appliances, unplug the machine from its power source. Before working on a dishwasher, remember to turn off the water also.

Defective Drain Pump

Sometimes the drain will become clogged with food debris or the pump may simply wear out. The result? A noisy dishwasher.
Before investing in a costly repair bill, try removing the debris from the drain area. Run the dishwasher to see if this resolved your problem. If the noise is gone, voila! But if the noise is still there you may need to replace the drain pump.

Faulty Circulation Pump

On the average, most consumers expect their dishwasher to last at least 10-years. Parts are bound to wear out. After so many years of use, the bearings in the circulation pump will begin to fail. If this happens, you will hear a constant droning noise while the dishwasher is running.
Unfortunately, the only answer is to replace the circulation pump. Obtain the model number of your dishwasher or better yet, the part number for the pump.

Damaged Water Inlet Valve

The water inlet valve uses a diaphragm to control when and how much water is allowed into the dishwasher cavity at any given time during operation. Over time, the diaphragm tends to deteriorate and deform. As water passes through the deformed diaphragm you will hear a loud buzzing or squealing sound.
Simply replace the water inlet valve to cure this problem.

Damaged Impeller

The circulation pump motor uses an impeller to force water up through the wash arms. Sometimes a broken impeller fin or a damaged impeller will scrape against the pump housing. The sound, of course, would be some type of scraping noise.
Depending on the model of your dishwasher you may only need to replace the impeller and not have to spend extra money to replace the motor.

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