How to Replace a Damaged Glass Filter in Your Frigidaire Dishwasher (Part #154252701)

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If a glass or dish breaks in your dishwasher cracks, the glass filter stops the pieces of glass from entering the hose. But sometimes the part can break after too much wear or damage. If you see cracks or your filter is broken, replace it before you run your next load of dishes. Order replacement part 154252701 for Frigidaire dishwashers and follow these quick steps:

1. Unplug the dishwasher and shut off the water connection.

Just like it’s always safer to unplug a major appliance before starting repairs, shut off the water connection to prevent water damage or spills. During this repair, you will be disconnecting parts that distribute water in the machine.

2. Access the glass filter.

Open the dishwasher door and remove the bottom rack. The glass filter is between the bottom arms and the opening to the pump. Now that the bottom rack is out of the way, you can fully remove the spray arm assembly. Find the locking tab and turn it ninety degrees clockwise while holding the spray arm still to disconnect it.

3. Remove the glass filter.

Pull the spray arm assembly free. The glass filter is the bottom part that includes the locking tab handle. All you have to do is pull the part free from the base of the spray arm. Set it aside.

4. Install the new glass filter.

Line the glass filter up so the U-shaped cavity slides over the base and flush against the protruding part of the base. Push it firmly into position and make sure the part clicks into position. Then set the spray arm assembly back over the opening with the locking tab still ninety degrees removed from it’s starting position. Rotate the locking tab ninety degrees counterclockwise to secure the part.
Double-check that the spray arm can turn freely. Then insert the lower rack and shut the door before turning on the water connection and plugging in the dishwasher.
Go to D3S Service for more part replacement steps or to schedule an appointment for serious repairs.

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