Stop Dishwasher Leaks: How to Replace a GE Dishwasher’s Lower Door Seal

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Water leaks are always a potential problem for dishwashers. If you receive a service call about a leaky dishwasher door, the lower door seal is probably at fault. Always have a few spare seals on hand for quick emergency repairs. If your customers have a GE or Kenmore dishwasher, look for replacement part 1168254, then follow these steps.

1. Unplug the dishwasher.

Unplugging major appliances should always be your first step when making repairs, even if you needed the machine powered on during troubleshooting.

2. Separate the inner and outer door.

Open the dishwasher door and lower it. Then loosen the screws around the interior perimeter of the door and set them aside. Lift the door as a whole up and latch the interior door panel shut. Then weigh the door exterior down just enough to push it out of the way during the course of the part replacement.

3. Remove the old seal and install the new part.

Unlatch the door interior and carefully flip it upside-down so the top is facing up. There will be a few wire harnesses, so make sure you don’t accidentally stretch or tug them. Then find the seal along the bottom (now top) edge of the door. Each model has a slightly different frame, so experiment to find the best way to slide the seal out the side of the door. It looks and operates like the weather seal of a front door, so keep that visual in mind as you try to work the seal free. If all else fails, you can just rip the seal and tug it free.
Match the edge of the new seal against the edge of the door frame. The curved rubbery seal should face towards the machine. Once the edge slips into the frame, carefully slide it fully into position.

4. Reassemble the door.

Turn the door interior right side up and latch it into position. Next, remove the weight holding the outer door down and push the interior back into place against it. Tighten the screws side the two door halves are tightly flush.
Replacing a door seal is an easy repair that many appliance owners are worried about fixing. While you’re there, check for other torn seals and calcium build-up you can remove. Go to D3S Service for more dishwasher repair instructions that can help.

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