Want Cleaner Dishes? Look to the Dishwasher Filter

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If your dishwasher simply isn’t producing clean dishes, you may want to look into dishwasher repair. Broken parts of a dishwasher, such as a turbidity sensor, may result in dishes that still very much have food stuck on them. However, there is a difference between really still dirty dishes and a few specks of food left here or there. If there are only a few specks left on occasion, nothing is probably broken. However, you can prevent this completely with a simple maintenance task – Cleaning the filter.

Every dishwasher comes equipped with a filter. This is meant to catch larger food particles so they don’t end up clogging the drain. However, most homeowners don’t really ever clean this filter. Over regular use, the food particles break down and get washed away, but if you want cleaner dishes, you really should be cleaning that filter every month.

If you pre-rinse your dishes in the sink, you may be able to go longer without cleaning your filter, but it still needs to be done. While filter location can differ from model to model, in most dishwashers it is located at the bottom of the tub. You will have to remove the bottom dish rack as well as disconnect the bottom spray arm in order to pull out the filter.

Cleaning the filter can be as simple as rinsing it off in your sink. However, if a filter is particularly dirty or food particles have dried onto it, using soap and a scrub brush may be the best course of action. As stated above, cleaning the filter in your dishwasher should be a monthly affair. It can not only produce cleaner dishes, but it will make the wash cycle less difficult on your entire system. To find out where your filter is in your specific model and how to remove it, consult the user manual.


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