3 Fun Weekend Activities for Kids in Houston

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If you’re a parent, you know the drill. It’s Saturday, and the kids are suffering from a severe case of cabin fever. You probably can’t take one more argument amongst siblings or hearing, “I’m bored.” The good news is, there is a natural remedy for that, and that is piling the kids in the car and heading out to some of these great Houston area attractions that will delight the kids. You might even find yourself entertained, as well.

Houston Space Center

There is so much to do at the HSC that you don’t won’t be saying, “Houston, we have a problem.” With International Science Center and Science Museum day coming up on November 10th, there will be plenty of hands-on activities for young and old alike. There is also the new exhibit Planet Pioneers that focuses on what it takes to colonize a faraway planet like Marks. You can find ticket prices and hours at here.

Houston Fairytale Ball

Every little princess should have the opportunity to attend a ball. According to their Eventbrite page, at the Houston Fairytale Ball, your little princess will be able to create her own tiara with the Little Mermaid, dance with Cinderella and Read with Rapunzel. There will also be sweet treats and other activities to keep your royal one happy. You can find more information about purchasing tickets here.

The Health Museum

The Health Museum in Houston is a great way to get your children interested in health, all while they learn in a fun environment. An excellent place for any budding doctor to visit, for they can explore in the DeBakey Cell Lab, where they will don lab coats and goggles. At the DeBakey Cell Lab, the kids can go from one experiment station to another experiment station feeding their curiosity. There is also the McGovern Theater, which is featuring a film on the science of sound. You can find tickets here.
Houston is a treasure trove of places and activities for families with children, so if the kids are bored, don’t fret. Check out one of the many excellent family-friendly places and enjoy an afternoon of fun.

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