How to Calibrate The Oven Temperature

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If you fell asleep watching the news, it was probably your fault that you burned the dinner roast. However, most homeowners don’t know that if they start to over or under bake items, it might actually be your oven’s fault. Over time as the oven ages, the temperature can actually go up and down from use. When this happens, the oven will need to be recalibrated which is simpler than it sounds.

When an oven may be in need of recalibration, your first step should be to take its temperature. You will need to purchase an oven thermometer that can accurately take the temperature of the oven when inside. As long as the oven is within about 35 degrees of the set temperature, you can calibrate it yourself without a technician. If off by more than 35 degrees, you will want to have a service technician out to check the internal thermometer and the oven sensor.

To calibrate the oven temperature, you have two options. For older models that still use the knob, you will need to pull the knob off and readjust the screws on the back. Turning the screws clockwise will decrease the temperature while counterclockwise will increase the temperature. Keep in mind that slight turns can make a significant impact on the temperature.

For newer ovens that use a keypad, you simply need to press two buttons simultaneously to enter calibration mode. Then it is simply adjusting the temperature. To figure out which buttons to press is dependent on your brand of oven, and can be easily found in the manual for it. You will also notice that you typically can’t adjust it more than 35 degrees in either direction, since that is the agreed upon normal amount of fluctuation for an oven without the need for some kind of repair to be made.


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