How to Replace a Broken Heating Element in Your GE Oven JBP26G0H3AD

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Is your GE oven (Model number JBP26G0H3AD) not heating properly? If so, the problem may lie in a defective heating element. Fortunately, resolving the problem is not at all difficult, and is something you can do yourself at home with a few basic tools. You simply need to order a replacement heating element and follow the steps below:
Necessary equipment for this repair
For this repair, you will need only two tools: a hand-held screwdriver and an electric screwdriver. You will also need your new heating element to replace the broken heating element.
Getting started: safety precautions and access
Before you begin your repair, remove both oven racks and put them aside. Then, slide the oven door off by holding it at a 45-degree angle and lifting straight up. Once you have racks and door removed, go ahead and remove the lower rack of the oven. Now you have access to the bottom of the stove. Reach underneath and unplug the oven.
How to remove the broken heating element
Now you will need to remove the two quarter inch screws that hold the heating element in place. Using an electric screwdriver, make sure you remove the screws counterclockwise. Once you pull out the heating element, you will see two more quarter-inch screws holding the element in place. Use a handheld screwdriver to remove those screws, again using a counterclockwise motion, and remove the old heating element completely.
How to put in the new heating element
Your new heating element comes with two new screws. Discard the old screws. Now put the new element in place and attach one side at a time, using your hand-held screwdriver to secure the screws by spinning clockwise.
Now pus the heating element back in and replace the other two quarter-inch screws with the electric screwdriver, again turning clockwise. And that completes the replacement of your new heating element.

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