How to Replace a Faulty Light Bulb Socket in Your Frigidaire Oven

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Replacing a burnt out light bulb in your Frigidaire oven model FPEF3077QF is an easy DIY project, however, if you swapped out the bulb and you’re still stuck with an unlit oven cavity, your problem may reside with a faulty light bulb socket. To switch out a bad socket for a functional one, simply follow the repair directions provided below.

How to Replace the Light Bulb Socket in a Frigidaire Oven

Unplug your oven or turn it off at the circuit breaker to avoid electrocution. Keep your hands and eyes protected by wearing work gloves and safety goggles.
  1. Open your oven door and take out the oven racks. Locate the light socket on the rear wall of the oven cavity. If there’s a light bulb in the socket, remove it.
  2. Use a quarter inch nut driver to unthread the screws securing the socket assembly to the oven wall. Pull the assembly out and disconnect the two wires from the back of the socket with needle nose pliers. You can now take the malfunctioning socket out of your oven.
  3. To remove the large circular fitting from the front of the socket, compress the tabs on the side of the light bulb socket and push the socket through the fitting.
  4. Once the fitting is free of the defective socket, you can snap it onto the new socket.
  5. To install the new socket, first, reconnect the two wires to the socket terminals. Make sure you match up the small wire terminal to the small terminal on the back of the socket, and the large wire terminal to the large terminal on the back of the socket. Then, insert the light bulb socket into the opening on the oven’s rear wall. Finally, secure the assembly with the two screws you took out earlier.
  6. Screw a light bulb into the new socket and replace the oven racks before closing the oven door. Plug your appliance back in, and make sure the light in your oven is now functioning properly.
If you have questions about your oven’s performance or you would like to schedule an appliance repair appointment, please contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you.

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