How to Replace the Broil Element in a GE Range Oven

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Given enough, oven elements break. The most common causes of damage are when the part shorts out, burns out, or the terminals break. Order replacement part WB44T10009 for GE broiler elements and follow these steps:

1. Unplug the oven.

During this repair, you will be unplugging wires. Make sure the appliance is fully removed from the power source by unplugging it or flipping the circuit breaker.

2. Remove the door and racks.

Open the door and locate the bottom hinges on either side of the door. Flip open the hinge stoppers with a flathead screwdriver so you can grab the door and pull it free. Once the hinges have been opened, you just need to partially close the door and pull the bottom away from the hinge slots. Be prepared for the heavyweight, and have a soft surface ready to lay the door down without breaking it.
Also, remove the inner oven racks.

3. Remove the broil element.

Locate the top bracket that holds the broil element and the temperature sensor. Remove the screw holding the sensor in place and let the sensor hang freely out of the way. Then remove the two screws holding the broil element to the back of the machine.
Next, loosen the screws the hold the element in place near the front of the oven’s ceiling. As you loosen them, hold the element in place so it doesn’t fall. Now the only things connecting the element to the oven are the wires in the back. Carefully detach them, but make sure they don’t slip out of the back of the oven.

3. Install the new element.

Begin by loosely putting the sensor into the central groove of the element’s bracket. Then snap the wires back in place. Hold the element’s bracket flush against the back of the oven and position it to align with the back and top screw holes. Secure it first by tightening the top screws and then the ones in the rear of the machine, along with the sensor. The new element should be hanging straight without touching the top of the oven.

4. Reattach the door.

Slip the hinges into position and then carefully lower the door. Snap the hinge stoppers back up, replace the racks, and shut the oven door.
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