How to Solve a GE Oven That Won’t Go Above 290 Degrees

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It is a frustrating affair. You try to set your oven even to the most standard temperature of 350 degrees, but receive the “ERR” error notification on the display. Don’t panic, the explanation is actually quite simple – it is set to Celsius. What is happening is that an oven will only get so hot for safety purposes, and 290 degree Celsius is about 550 degrees Fahrenheit, the max oven temperature. If it is a brand new GE oven, it might have come out of the box like this. However, if you have had it for years and years, it is more likely caused by someone accidentally pressing the correct buttons and setting it to Celsius. Luckily, as easy as the oven is to set accidentally, it is similarly easy to fix without having to take anything apart or call a repair service.

In order to reset your GE oven from Celsius to Fahrenheit you simply need to:

  • Press “Bake” and “Broil” at the same time until it displays “SF” or Special Function mode
  • Now press “Broil” and “Cooking Time” simultaneously until a “C” appears
  • You can now press “Broil” and “Cooking Time” simultaneously again to reset the oven to Fahrenheit

It really is as simple of a fix as that. Even if you don’t have a GE oven, the fix is typically the same on other oven brands, but you may need to look up the specific buttons to press. It is worth noting that some GE models also only require you to press “Broil” while in special functions mode to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Unfortunately, if this quick didn’t fix the issue, you may need intervention from a professional repair service. It could mean that a more serious problem has manifested with the display or the oven’s heating elements.


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