Signs of a Faulty Electronic Control Board in Your Oven

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When it comes to any appliance problems, in most cases, you will be able to figure out which part is broken from the symptoms that it manifests. For example, if your gas stove is dispensing gas, but it is not clicking or lighting, this means it is likely a faulty igniter. Unfortunately, there are problems that can manifest that make diagnosis problematic. There is no problem that is more frustrating to diagnose than an oven with a faulty electronic control board.

Think of the electronic control board as the brain of your oven. It controls almost all processes. So this means when that if the board is faulty, it can manifest a number of different issues. Furthermore, these issues can be different every time you use the oven, making diagnosis difficult if you don’t know that the electronic control board manifests many different issues.

Problems that can be caused by a fault in your oven’s electronic control board include:

  • Oven not turning on at all
  • Oven turning on, but not getting hot
  • Oven might not turn off
  • Only one heat element works
  • Clock or timer on the display do not function
  • Oven may turn off randomly
  • Oven displays error code when turned on

If you are having one of these problems consistently, it may be the board, but it may be something else as well. When an electronic control board is going bad in an oven, typically it is a roulette of these different issues.

Unfortunately, replacing an electronic control board is a repair best left to a professional hand. While the average homeowner can test for continuity with a multimeter, installing a new board is something you want to assure is done right by having a professional come out. Furthermore, many homeowners might be uncomfortable taking apart the display of their oven.


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