Troubleshooting an Oven Door That Will Not Close All The Way

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It is very unlikely that your oven door will ever get stuck all the way open, but there may come a time where you notice that your oven is partially open just a crack. Maybe the light that should shut off when the door is closed is stuck on and you can see inside the oven tub from the side of the open door. When this happens, you will also notice some heat loss. The rising heat will make the knobs on the stovetop above it incredibly hot over time. So why isn’t your oven closing?

In some cases, there could be food or other build-ups at the hinges that prevent it from closing tightly. However, if you are having any of the symptoms above, it is more likely that the door latch on your oven is malfunctioning and propping it open. The door latch is meant to slide into a slot when the oven door is closed, then lock the door when the door lock is engaged. However, if you accidentally hit the door lock button or accidentally started the self-clean and then stopped it, then the door latch can be engaged in the lock position, thus propping open the door.

You should first try to unlock the door via the lock button or lever on your oven. If this isn’t working, you can try unplugging your oven for 30 seconds. This functions as a reset for the appliance. If that doesn’t work, your last option is to unlock it manually. This involves opening your stovetop up and removing the plate underneath it. This will give you access to the rod that controls whether the door latch is in the locked or unlocked position. You can manually move it into being unlocked. As you do not need to use this function often, you may not necessarily need to replace it, but the process is simple if you do have a replacement latch ready.


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