Why My Oven is Smoking?

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Did you open up your oven after a preheat cycle only to find a bunch of smoke billowing out? It definitely seems like a cause to panic, but not all oven smoke means something is horribly wrong. If your oven has been producing smoke, here is everything you need to consider.

Cleaner or Manufacturer Residue

If your oven is brand new, a little smoke can be expected. What is happening is that coatings from the manufacturing process are burning away. Often it is recommended by the manufacturer to run the oven at between 400 and 600 degrees for a while to take care of these coatings quickly.

If your oven isn’t new but has been cleaned recently, smoke could also come from cleaners used during that process. Of course, smoke born from chemicals is not great to have in the home. If your oven smokes after cleaning, you need to go back in with a vinegar and water solution to wipe down all the parts that the cleaner could be on.


Cleaners can cause smoking, but so can not cleaning your oven at all. Even if you don’t think anything has spilled in your oven, food particles build up over time and eventually, they will burn. The whole concept of a self-cleaning oven is that during the self-clean cycle the oven uses extreme heat to burn up food. You are essentially doing that when food becomes smoke. However, this is not a replacement for actual oven cleaning.

Faulty Heating Element or Bake Ignitor

In most cases, one of the above is responsible for smoking. However, if all of those check out, a faulty heating element can produce smoke if it is malfunctioning. The coil will not glow a healthy bright red and you may be able to see smoke and hear a buzzing sound if it is going faulty. Gas ovens will normally utilize a bake ignitor to light a burner to heat up the oven which can also fail.


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