Does Sweat On a Refrigerator Mean Something is Wrong?

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During the summer, you can expect some condensation around the house. It forms wherever warm air meets cold. So if you leave the air conditioner off, you might find condensation forming on your cool refrigerator exterior. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong. However, condensation on the interior of your refrigerator is another story.

Ideally, your refrigerator door should never be open long enough for this to happen. If you do notice the regular formation of condensation inside of a refrigerator, this can be a sign that something is not quite right.

The first thing you should check is the door seal of your refrigerator. Condensation means that warm air is getting inside and forming moisture. The door seal is meant to keep warm air out and cold air in. if it is damaged or worn, it will form small air leaks that ruin your energy efficiency. The door gasket should feel perfectly even all the way around. It should also be reasonably pliable to the touch. If it is hard and brittle, then it may not be forming a proper seal.

The other suspect should be the defrost and drain system in your refrigerator. If you are seeing moisture pooling at the bottom of your compartment, it may not actually be condensation but rather a defrost or drainage issue. In your refrigerator, the frost from the evaporator is melted off by your defrost and then quickly drained away. If the drain is blocked or the defrost is not kicking on enough, it can create large amounts of water in the bottom of your refrigerator. Usually, in this case, all you need to do is remove a piece of debris from the small drain hole. However, if you do notice a lot of frost build-up on the coils, you will want to look into how often the defrost is turning on.


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