How to Clean Your Refrigerator Condenser Coils

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Have noticed that your refrigerator is running for a longer period of time lately? It might be wise to have a look at your condenser coils on the back or bottom of the refrigerator. If you see that they are clogged with dust or pet hair, this is the cause. When the condenser coils are dirty, they need to work harder to cool your food. Eventually, these dirty coils may be responsible for the loss of function so it is important to clean them regularly.

For either back or bottom condenser coils, the cleaning method is the same. You will need to:

  • Move your refrigerator forward so you can access the back or bottom panel. Be sure to unplug it as well.
  • To access the coils, remove the grille that serves as the protector for the coils. You will likely need to clean this off as well, but there is no special technique to do it. Do make sure it is dry before reapplication, though.
  • Removing the grille will allow you to access the condenser coils. You may want to buy a condenser coil brush to help clean them. You need to be very careful to not crimp or puncture the coils and the condenser coil cleaning brush was created to fit such as task. Of course, if we are being honest, it is just a brush of a specific size. Any small brush can fit the task as long as you are gentle with the cleaning.
  • After the coils have been brushed clean, use a vacuum cleaner with a long, thin attachment to remove the excess dirt.
  • Now you are free to put the grille back on, plug your refrigerator back in, and push it back into place. You may want to clean the alcove of your refrigerator while you are back there to prevent dirt from accumulating as quickly.

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