How to Repair a Frigidaire Refrigerator With Improper Cooling

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Is your Frigidaire refrigerator’s (Model FRT22TSFB2) refrigerator section not cooling properly? You can solve the problem yourself by following the steps below:
How to diagnose the problem
If you remove the contents of the freezer and notice frost all along the back wall of the freezer, that is an indication that something is wrong with the defrost system.
Needed tools
For this repair, you will need a multimeter, ¼ inch nut driver, wire strippers, and two wire nuts.
The repair process
Start by disconnecting power to the unit.  Do not work on appliance that is plugged in, it’s dangerous and could cause major harm or death.
First use your electric screwdriver to take the two quarter inch screws out of the ice maker, using a counterclockwise motion. Now loosen the screws holding the wall bracket by turning them in a counterclockwise motion. You can now remove the wall brackets.
Use your ice scraper to get rid of the frost as needed, and remove the screws on the back panel, again using a counterclockwise motion with your screwdriver.
At this point, unplug the unit and pull out the entire back panel by simply grabbing and pulling the section out. Find the defrost termination, by removing the small piece of styrofoam that the wiring is tucked inside.
You will see two wires connected to the thermostat. Remove the thermostat entirely. The thermostat should be closing at 27 degrees and opening at 47 degrees. You may find that there is no continuity through the defrost thermostat. You will have to find where the defrost heater wire is to make sure the heater itself is still working.
To check the heater, find the connector and remove it, exposing the terminal  to the heater. Then stick your meter in there to the heater’s thick black wires. Set the meter to ohms  and check both black wires. If you have a reading of 26 ohms, the heater itself is fine. Now reconnect the heater wires and tuck them back into their styrofoam housing. Be sure you hook the light bulb back up.
Now put in your new 50-degree termination, plus or minus 10 degrees, five degrees preferred. Cut the termination wire down at the base, leaving the factory connections but cut the termination at the base. Strip the wires about half an inch  and use the wire nuts to create a circuit and wrap electrical tape around it.  Any part you order should be OEM and ordered by model.
To remount the termination
Use an SL249 clip on to hold the back panel, via the top mounting hole. Slide it on and pinch it right on the evaporator line. Now you have your termination mounted, reconnect your wiring, tuck the excess wiring away and put your styrofoam cap back.
Finishing up
Replace the harness for the ice maker through the holes on the left. Now that your ice maker connector plugged back in and the light’s wiring harness back, push the back panel back up and use your screwdriver in a clockwise motion to replace the screws. Replace the tracks again with a screwdriver turning clockwise.
Replace the ice maker by snapping it into place and reconnecting it, then placing your two quarter inch screws in and tightening them clockwise. Remember to replace your light cover and your shelves. Leave the unit unplugged for 24 hours with the door open to let the ice in the back of the unit melt completely. Now your repair is complete.

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