How to Replace a Compressor Start Relay in Your Refrigerator

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Every appliance owner knows that the cool air in their refrigerator is produced by the compressor. However, when they have cooling problems in their refrigerator, there is so much more to the compressor system that can go wrong and prevent it from cooling down. If you are hearing a steady clicking sound and your refrigerator seems to not be cooling down, then it is likely a problem with the starter relay that is responsible for supplying power to the compressor when it needs a to turn on.

Replacing a Start Relay in a Refrigerator

A constant clicking in your refrigerator is a huge sign that the start relay has gone out. Every time it turns on, it makes an audible click, but if it is malfunctioning, it may keep clicking as it tries to turn on. When this happens, start by unplugging your refrigerator and moving it so that you can access the back. Most refrigerators will have a back panel you can remove. You may also need to remove any grills that sit over the compressor coils as well.

Once the access panel is removed, locate the tube-shaped capacitor of the refrigerator. Before touching this part, you will want to wear insulated gloves. Removing the wires from the capacitor will ensure no shock accidents happen.

One of the wires that run from the capacitor connects to the start relay. You will need to remove the cover and will know the relay by the spool of copper wires that wraps around it. These wires can relay can be removed by pulling out the connectors.

You are now free to install the new start relay that was recommended by the manufacturer. When the refrigerator is reassembled and reconnected to the power, you should no longer hear the clicking and the compressor should start up almost right away.


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