How to Replace the Damper in Your Whirlpool Side-By-Side Refrigerator

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The air damper in a refrigerator is essentially a small flap that opens between the refrigerator and a freezer to regulate the temperature in order to keep both sides an appropriate temperature. Typically most homeowners don’t learn what an air damper is until they have temperature discrepancies in their refrigerator. If either the freezer or the refrigerator is an abnormal temperature, it could mean problems with the damper. The flap could be stuck open or could be failing to open at the proper times, resulting in this problem. If you own a Whirlpool side-by-side, here’s how you can replace it if it has proven to be the faulty part.

Replacing an Air Damper in A Whirlpool Refrigerator

Start this repair by locating the air damper and removing any nearby shelving from your refrigerator. You will then need to remove the screw that holds the conduit cover and remove the cover. This will reveal the screw that holds on the damper cover, which needs to be removed as well.

There should be a tube wrapped around the damper. This is the thermostat sensor and needs to be removed. Unfortunately, to remove the entire assembly for replacement, you will next need to head in the freezer portion of your side-by-side. Start by removing the ice bucket to gain access to the auger motor bracket that needs to be removed via the screws and wire harness. This will give you access to the rear duct cover that will also need to be removed.

You will now have access to the locking tabs that hold the air damper in place from the freezer. From the refrigerator section, you can now remove the old air damper assembly. You will need to rotate it to remove the control rod, but take note of how it was attached. Adding the new assembly to the control rod is the most difficult part of re-installation.


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