How to Replace the Drain Pan in Your Maytag Refrigerator

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The drip pan in your Maytag refrigerator model MF12570FEZ is meant to catch water melting off the evaporator coils during the defrost cycle. After the water settles in the pan, the condenser fan blows warm air over the liquid to evaporate it. If the drip pan is cracked, the water entering it will end up on the floor underneath your refrigerator. Switching out the damaged drip pan for a new one is the only way to repair your leaky appliance.

How to Replace the Drip Pan in Your Maytag Refrigerator

As with any appliance repair, unplug your refrigerator, and turn off its water supply before you get started. We suggest protecting your hands and eyes by wearing work gloves and safety goggles during the repair process.
  1. Pull your refrigerator forward, and move to the back of the appliance. Bend down, and unthread the screws holding the bottom, rear panel to the refrigerator. Place the panel off to the side.
  2. Disconnect the wire harness found in front of the drain pipe and push it down, so it’s not in your way. Now, remove the drain pipe from the compartment.
  3. Locate your condenser fan and its cover, which you should find on the left side of the compartment. You’ll need to carefully remove the cover and motor from the refrigerator before you can gain access to the drip pan. To do so, disengage its locking mechanisms by slightly rotating the cover from left to right while pulling it out of the compartment. When the cover is free, take it out with the condenser motor still attached to it.
  4. Now carefully pull the copper line out of the retaining clip on the drain pan. Then, with a flat head screwdriver, disengage the locking tabs that hold the drip pan in place. Pull the drip pan out of the compartment.
  5. Snap the new drip pan into the locking tabs, and gently push the copper line into the retaining clip on the pan. Reinstall the drain pipe, and reattach the condenser cover and motor. Finally, reconnect the wire harness found in front of the drain pipe and close up the back of your refrigerator by securing the bottom, rear panel to the appliance with the screws you have.
  6. Finish up your repair, by plugging in your refrigerator and turning on its water supply. Don’t forget to check underneath your appliance for the next couple of days to ensure the leak is completely gone.
If you don’t feel comfortable replacing the drip pan in your refrigerator and would like a professional to carry out the repair for you, please contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained appliance repair technicians.

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