How to Replace Your GE Refrigerator’s Water and Ice Dispenser Control Board Assembly WR55X23210

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Refrigerators are getting more and more complicated. But making repairs to the control board doesn’t have to be. If your refrigerator’s control board isn’t responding to commands, you can replace the whole board. Order replacement part WR55X23210 and follow these steps for a quick repair if you have a GE, RCA, or Kenmore model.

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

It’s important to unplug every appliance before starting repairs. During this part replacement project, you will be disconnecting wires.

2. Remove the control assembly.

If you look at the top of the water and ice dispenser cavity under the screen, you will see the locking mechanisms that hold the control board in place. Use a flathead screwdriver to press the clips and release the screen.
Tilt the assembly so you can see the wires inside. Disconnect each of the three wire connectors connecting the assembly to the refrigerator. Each wire connector is a different size, so you can easily connect the right wires to the right positions in the new assembly. You can also take a picture before disconnecting the wires for a backup guide.
Set the old control board aside.

3. Replace the control assembly.

Remove the protective film on the new control board screen and hold it near the refrigerator door. Connect each of the three wire harnesses to the corresponding position on the back of the assembly. Make sure the wires themselves are in the back of the cavity so they don’t get pinched.
Then slide the assembly into place at the top of the cavity. It should fit into a small groove. Next, carefully press the bottom of the screen into position. You should feel it click into position as the locking clips engage.
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