How to Replace Your Whirlpool Refrigerator’s Door Cam

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If your refrigerator door doesn’t open smoothly or close completely, check the door cam for cracks and broken edges. If it’s broken, you need to replace the part before too much cold air keeps escaping the refrigerator. Order replacement part #WP2182179 for Whirlpool model refrigerators and follow these steps.

1. Unplug the refrigerator.

Always disconnect an appliance from its power source before starting a new repair procedure.

2. Access the door hinge assembly.

First, remove the bottom grill by carefully prying it free of the locking tabs along the bottom of the refrigerator. Next, put a support block under the door to catch the door once the hinge is removed. Then locate the hinge on the right side of the refrigerator. Remove the hinge by loosening the three screws holding it in place

3. Replace the door cam with the replacement part.

First, loosen and remove the screw holding the cam in place. Next, rotate the door stop bracket out of the way by removing one screw and loosening the other enough to spin it to the side. Now you can pry the cam, the black part with a tube running through the door’s edge, free with a flathead screwdriver.
Then push the new part into position and secure it with the screw you removed at the beginning of the third step.

4. Reassemble the bottom of the refrigerator.

Begin by rotating the door stop bracket back in place. Tighten both screws to completely secure it. Next, put the hinge back in place against the bottom of the door cam and behind the door stop bracket. The hinge’s shaft should feed through the cam’s tube. Secure the hinge in place with the three screws.
Then open the refrigerator doors and locate the locking tabs for the grill. Line up the part and snap it against the length of the fridge.
Your refrigerator door should now open and close smoothly. Go to D3S Service for more appliance repair tips and procedures.

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