Turning Off Demo Mode “OF FF” on a Samsung Refrigerator

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There is no doubt that Samsung refrigerators are a marvel of modern technology. They are probably the highest tech refrigerators on the market. There is only so much that refrigerators can and should do, but the difference is that Samsung refrigerators look really good while doing it. It is not just an appliance, but a showpiece in the kitchen as well. However, if you gave into temptation and bought one, there may come a day where you encounter something very frustrating. The lights turn on inside your refrigerator, but it is not cooling. It displays the code OF FF, but there is nothing in the owner’s manual telling you what this actually means.

What the OF FF code means is that the refrigerator is set to Demo mode. Typically, most consumers don’t know about this mode since it is only for the showroom. This is why you won’t find this code in the manual. The Demo mode is much like how it sounds, it turns the lights on, but it does not allow the compressor to fire. Essentially, it allows retailers to show how good the refrigerator looks without turning it all the way on.

For a mode that most consumers don’t know exists, it is actually kind of easy to turn on. By pressing the Power Freeze and Freeze buttons simultaneously for three seconds, it will set your Samsung refrigerator into Demo mode. Pressing the buttons simultaneously again will turn it off. If you have small children that like to press buttons or were just randomly pressing buttons to see what they do, this is an easy mode to turn on by accident. So if your Samsung refrigerator is no longer cooling and also displaying OF FF on the display, you don’t need to call out a repair technician, you just need to press the right buttons.


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