Why Your Refrigerator is Freezing Everything

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When you open up your refrigerator, you probably don’t expect your milk to be an ice cube or your veggies to have frost on them. The question should be what is causing this rather than why is this happening. Having your food frozen in the refrigerator doesn’t always mean that something is broken, but if you have checked the common culprits, you may need to make a repair.

The Thermostat is Set Too Low (or Faulty)

This should always be the first culprit that you check. If the thermostat is set too low, you don’t really need to make a repair, just an adjustment. Turn it up a few notches. However, if the refrigerator still freezes your food, it is a sign of a larger problem.

One of these larger problems is that the thermostat itself is broken. If the thermostat is faulty, it may cause your refrigerator to run continuously or even not at all.

A Faulty Gasket

The door gasket, or door seal as it is sometimes called, is what keeps the cool air inside your refrigerator and doesn’t allow it to leak out into your home. However, if the gasket has gone bad or gotten old, the air will leak out and this will cause the refrigerator to continuously run. This means your food will freeze.

Damper Problem

The damper in a fridge-freezer unit will allow certain amounts of cool air from the freezer to enter the refrigerator to help with cooling. However, if a problem has manifested in the damper, it will let too much cool air in. Not only will this freeze your food, but it will cause your freezer to run all the time.

Dirty Coils

The condenser coils located on the back or underneath your refrigerator, keep things cool everywhere. However, they are prone to collecting dust. When they do, this acts as kind of an insulator, tricking the coils into thinking that they are hotter than they actually are. As such, the refrigerator works hard to keep things cool and it can actually lead to overcooling.


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