How to Replace the Drive Belt in an Electrolux Washer

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The drive belt in your front-load washer is responsible for working with the pulley and motor system to agitate your washer. If your washer is longer agitating, then a faulty or damaged drive belt may be the cause. You should also make an effort to check the drive belt if your washer has manifested a distinct burning smell. This can often mean the belt is out of alignment or is damaged from age.

Replacing Your Drive Belt

If you need to replace the drive belt on your Electrolux front-load washer, the process is rather painless.

Before you begin, you will need to disconnect the washer from its power source. You will also need to disconnect the water. Since this part can only be accessed from the back on Electrolux washers, you will need to position the washer for clear back access.

Start this repair by removing the screws that secure the back access panel. From here, you will have clear access to the drive belt. In order to remove, you can simply rotate it on the pulley until it comes off. You don’t necessarily need to worry about it snapping you, but rather want to rotate it so that it doesn’t damage the pulley or motor.

To install the new drive belt, loop it over the motor shaft and then over the pulley. You will need to rotate the pulley to make sure it is properly aligned. You will want to make sure that the belt turns the pulley smoothly and no pieces of the drive belt are hanging off. We like to give the pulley a few turns to make sure everything is running as designed.

You can now re-install the back panel on the washer, connect the water, and plug your washer back in. You may want to do a test wash to make sure it agitates and doesn’t manifest a burning smell.


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