How to Replace the Shock Absorbers in a Whirlpool Front Load Washer

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If your washer has become particularly loud and is even vibrating obsessively during its spin cycle, you might look to a worn or broken shock absorber as the cause. It is important to remember that a number of issues can cause this symptom, and unless your shock absorbed are visibly damaged, they do not need to be replaced. Shock absorbers don’t “go bad” so much as they physically break. That being said, if yours have broken, they are very simple to replace, but it does involve taking a large part of your Whirlpool washer apart.

Before you begin, you will need:

  • To unplug the washer
  • Disconnect the washer from the water
  • A nut driver
  • A flathead screwdriver
  • Something to proper up the washer (it can be anything solid, like a bit of wood)
  • A replacement shock absorber for your Whirlpool Front Load Washer

How to Replace the Shock Absorbers in a Washer

To replace the front absorber, start by removing the screws on the top back of your washer with your nut driver so you can slide off the top of your washer.

Pull the dispenser drawer out and press the back tab to fully release it. Now remove the screws in the dispenser housing.

At the back of the control panel, remove the mounting screws and lift the tabs to detach the control panels housing.

Opening the washer door, depress the clamps so that you can remove the boot seal and loosen the seal from its position.

Propping the washer up, remove the screws at the very bottom of the front panel and then the screws above it at the door latch. Finally remove the screws at the top that were behind the control panel to fully be able to remove the front of the washer.

Now you will have access to the front shock absorbers. To detach these, you need to depress the locking tabs at the top, rotate it, and do the same with the lower mount. Now install the new shock absorber at the bottom first, rotating it into place, then do the top.

Reassemble the washer.

To do the back shock absorbers, which are infinitely easier to get to, remove the screws from the back panel. The panel slides to the right and reveals the shock absorbers.


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