How to Replace the Timer on Your Top Load Washer

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The timer on your washing machine is responsible for telling your washer how long it needs to wash your clothes. Not every cycle runs for the same length and the timer will tell it how long to run and when it will need to switch to the next phase. However, if you discover that your washer is no longer switching to the next cycle or is not working at all, it may be a problem with the timer no longer giving the right signal to advance. Luckily, this part is easy to replace with the hardest part typically discovering how to reach it inside the control panel on the appliance.

This is a generalized approach to replacing a mechanical timer in a top load washer. Specific instructions will vary by model number and this will not apply to electronic controlled washers.

How to Replace a Washer Timer

Before beginning you should start by unplugging your washer and turning off the water supply valves to the appliance.

Next, you will want to begin by removing the control panel on top of the washer by removing the screws and removing the control knob on the front. Your washer may also use clips to hold the control panel in place. Many top load control panels also do not come off without the back panel being removed, but hinges allow it to be flipped up. This makes the repair a little more awkward, but still possible without full disassembly. Once the control panel is off the top of your washer, you will have access to the timer. This is located behind the knob that sets the cycles on your washer.

To remove the timer from your washer, you will want to start by removing the wire harnesses from it. Once done, you will now want to unscrew the mounting screws. Be sure to get any mounting screws that may be located on the front of the timer as well. Now your timer should come off the appliance and a replacement can be installed.


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