How to Replace Your Frigidaire Washer’s Drain Hose 131268800

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If the drain hose of a washer is leaking water onto the floor, there is no way to repair the part. Replace the drain hose with part number 131268800 for Frigidaire washers and follow these steps:

1. Unplug the washer and turn off the water connection.

The washer will need to be removed away from the wall and the fill hoses will be disconnected. Make sure the water to the machine is turned off before you begin and that the drain hose is removed from the wall so it doesn’t snag.

2. Remove the lower access panel.

Loosen the /two corner screws holding the lower access panel in place. Then pull it out, down, and away. Put down a tool to catch any remaining water.

3. Remove the drain hose.

Find the part in the lower right corner. Use pliers to loosen and remove the clamp holding the end of the drain hose in place. Then pull the end of the hose off of the drain pump. This will need a bit of force because it’s tightly fixed over the opening. Set the loose end down freely.

4. Remove the back panel.

Move to the back of the machine and remove the fill hoses. Label them as hot and cold before you do to ensure correct placement later. Then loosen the screws around the edge of the of the rear access panel. Next, lift the panel up and set it aside.

5. Remove the drain hose.

Carefully pull the hose free. The end of the rear was never fixed or attached to anything, so you just have to carefully pull it out of the machine. Move the wire harness out of the way if necessary.

6. Switch the clamp over to the new hose.

User pliers to loosen the clamp. Remove it from the old hose and put it over the new one.

7. Insert the new drain hose.

Identify which end attached to the drain pump. Feed that end of the hose through the rear of the machine to the front. Near the middle of the hose is a thinner section which fewer ridges; that is the section that should rest on the rear access panel opening.

8. Reassemble the machine.

Put the rear access panel back into position and replace the screws. Next, reattach the hot and cold fill hoses. Then move to the front of the machine and connect the drain hose to the pump. You can lubricate the end with a bit of soapy water for an easier fit. Then tighten the clamp for a leak-proof seal. Put the access panel back on.
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