How to Replace Your Whirlpool Washer’s Drum Baffle

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Your washer’s drum baffle helps the clothes tumble during a cycle. Over time, the mounting brackets can crack or break off. Then the baffle will start to loosen from the side and completely detach. If you want to replace the broken drum baffle yourself, order replacement part #WP8540456 for Whirlpool models. Then follow these steps:

1. Unplug the washing machine.

This repair procedure doesn’t directly involve any electrical components. However, unplugging the appliance should always be the first step you take to keep yourself safe.

2. Remove the old drum baffle.

Pull the baffle firmly from the back. Apply enough pressure to bend the underlying locking tabs until the part loosen. Then pull it free and set it aside.

3. Install the new drum baffle.

First, locate the metal lock tabs. If they were bent during the removal process, bend them back into position. This process has three steps:
  1. The two locking tabs have been bent into “L” shapes by the uninstallation process. Use a flathead screwdriver to push the longer portion of the bend up so it is parallel with the rest of the metal strip under the baffle.
  2. Use needle nose pliers to pull the remainder of the bend flat. The entire lock tab should be straight and parallel with the metal strip.
  3. Push the whole of each tab at a slightly upward angle so the baffle can catch into place on them.
Orient the new baffle so the inner tabs match up with the locking tabs and the back is towards the rear of the machine. Next, lay it down and slide it slightly forward. Then push the baffle firmly back until you hear it lock into position.
If the part wiggles or slips free when you pull on it, set the part aside and bend the locking tabs at a different angle so the part can grab onto them.
Then shut the door and plug the washer back in.
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