How to Replace Your Whirlpool Washing Machine’s Duet Washer Ball W10121657

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The washer ball in a washing machine’s hose controls the flow of water. If it’s damaged, then the level of water in the tub might not hold steady during washing cycles. Order replacement part W10121657 for Whirlpool washers and follow these steps to replace the part.

1. Unplug the washing machine and turn off both water supplies.

Make sure removing the power source is the first step in every appliance repair job. Because this job involves disconnecting the main hose, you should also shut off the water connections to minimize potential water damage.

2. Remove the bottom access panel.

Unscrew the bottom panel. There are three screws at the very bottom of the side below the lip of the panel. Set the panel aside. This cavity gives you access to the hose that contains the washer ball.

3. Completely disconnect and remove the hose.

First, lay down a towel to catch any excess water that may come out of the hose. Then disconnect the two clamps. Use channel locks to loosen each of them; there is one clamp at each end of the hose. Once the clamps have been loosened, pull the hose completely out of the machine.

4. Remove and replace the washer ball.

The washer ball is in the hose. Squeeze the top opening down so the ball can pop out. Push the new washer ball back through the opening by stretching out the hose with your fingers. Make sure the ball is entirely below the top lip and lightly shake the hose to make sure the ball can move a bit freely.

5. Reattach the hose.

Resecure the top of the hose to the lip of the hole in the tub. Once the hose encircles the lip, put the clamp back in position and tighten it with the locks. Connect the bottom of the hose to the pump and also secure that clamp.

6. Close the machine.

Put the lower access panel back in position. Tighten the three screws at the bottom of the machine. Then put the washing machine back against the wall and turn on the water.

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