What to Check When Your Washer Fill Hoses Are Leaking

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If the fill hoses to your washer have started leaking, it is a problem that will get more expensive the longer you let it happen without repair. A few drips every now and then add up to hundreds of dollars in drywall, baseboard, and floor replacement over time as the water does its damage. As such, you need to get the issue fixed up fast. Here is what could be happening.

Loose Connections

Obviously, the first thing to be checked is the connection between the hose and either the inlet valve or your washer, depending on where the leak is coming from. If the connections are loose, then leaks are a natural occurrence. This can be very likely if you unhooked them to make other repairs.

New Washers are Needed

At each end of your fill hose is a rubber washer that is seated inside. This washer helps form a water-tight seal so the water stays where it needs to be. However, if the washer is damaged, old, or missing, your fill hoses may start to leak. You need to check the washers on both ends or at least on the area where you detect water leaking.

Damaged Hoses

If all of the above check out, only then will you want to look at the hoses as the culprit. If they have been excessively bent or pinched, they may be damaged. Furthermore, the old rubber hoses can wear down and become brittle in their later years, making them prone to cracking. Consider installing newer stainless steel burst-proof hoses. This type of hose will solve the issues that rubber hoses have as they are immune to pinhole leaks and won’t crack as old rubber will while still being just as flexible. However, when you install these new hoses, make sure you also install washers inside of them.


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