What to Do When Your Washer Fills With The Wrong Temperature Water

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If you set your washer to wash with hot water and discover that your laundry is ice cold, then you may be worried that something is wrong. While something is wrong, it may not always be a case of something broken within your washer. However, if your washer is using the wrong temperature water, here is what to check.

Water Heater

When you discover a washer using the wrong temperature water, your first step to make sure it is not an issue with your water heater. If you are not getting hot water anywhere in your house, what you are dealing with is a water heater problem rather than a washer problem.

Water Temperature Selector Switch

This switch is responsible for selecting the temperature of the water that goes into your washer. However, if this switch fails, you may notice that your washer won’t fill or fills improperly with the wrong temperature of the water.

Electronic Control Board

The control board in your washer serves as the brain to the whole appliance. Within, it has a thermometer that checks the temperature of the water entering and adjusts it accordingly to make sure it doesn’t get too hot. If the board is malfunctioning, it can result in water that is the incorrect temperature. However, if it is the board causing this, you will notice a lot of other problems as well. This can include problems with the display and start and/or stopping problems as well.

Water Inlet Valve Assembly

The inlet valves are responsible for letting the water in. When they are faulty, they may not let the correct temperature water in. Of course, they may also not let any water in or even may overfill your washer sometimes as well. If you run the washer multiple times and notice these issues, then the assembly will need to be replaced.


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